Episode -62

  • Posted on: 2 November 2015
  • By: Tal
Welcome to the Canadian leftist utopia!
We're back again, we're late, but we're back. Today we talk about the election, some plastic people, stancenation, and charity!
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Episode -63

  • Posted on: 19 October 2015
  • By: Tal
So spoopy!
We're back again! Today we're talking about horror movies, games all that. We get some politics in, and answer a few emails!
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Episode -64

  • Posted on: 13 October 2015
  • By: Tal
We're all shitlords.
The heavy topics! This episode we talk about some heavier stuff, from Gamergate, to politics, to hit and runs and more politics
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Episode -65

  • Posted on: 27 September 2015
  • By: Tal
Defend to the death your right to say it
We're back again! This time we tackle the fairly heavy topic of freedom of expression vs the sick and twisted! Also volkswagen cheatrs on emissions or something... Emails abound, and unlike some of our previous episodes, much less bitching about technical problems!
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Episode -66

  • Posted on: 21 September 2015
  • By: Vox
Totally on purpose
This episode we discuss people stabbing others over food and people thinking clocks are explosive. In other news Vox is no longer allowed to make changes to our production website!
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